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Meet Hackers
as we know anonghost earlier had declared cyber war against Israel once again,which held yestreday i.e 7/06/2014,many israeli website were hacked on 7/06/2014 .they have hacked 21878 israeli phone numbers. and they have also hacked 900 plus emails accounts and leaked them on thep (that paste has been removed now).its wasn’t massive cyber war on  Israel this time,but this operation was held successfully.

Deface Page:

Message left for Israel:

Hi Israel
We always here to Punish you!!!
Because We are the voice of Palestine and we will not remain silent!!
Muslims are everywhere – We will enter to Palestine soon 🙂 remember this
Alkhilafah is Coming soon Insha’Allah

here we got  list of hacked websites:

Click here for full hacked website list


meet hackers