nsa automatically tracks users who search for “tor “

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Xkeyscore one of the nsa’s  surveillance program’s source code was revealed by security experts,as nsa is tracking users automatically who search for tor,as tor helps users to prevent their privacy and anonymity,as the users of tor makes nsa’s program(xkeyscore) much difficult to surveillance on the  user.now its seems they found a way to surveillance users ,before they hide themself from the internet,if any user who search for tor or tails in the popular search engines like google ,yahoo their ip address will automatically added to the list for surveillance,this not it,the monitored websites like

  • freeproxies.org
  • hotspot shield
  • privacy.li
  • megaproxy
  • and anonymous email service namely”mixminion”.

the identity of users who simply visit the pages is recoreded and saved on the nsa’s server,
 “This shows that Tor is working well enough that Tor has become a target for the intelligence services,” said Sebastian Hahn, who runs one of the key Tor servers. “For me this means that I will definitely go ahead with the project.