Now use your Android devices from computer

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Android devices have several functionalities that make it easy to manage schedules, communicate with friends and family, connect with several professional networks and work efficiently. However, at times, handling too many devices can become cumbersome, especially if you have a desk job and spend all your day on a computer.

There could be instances where you have to work non-stop on your computer and you might have to receive and make several calls in a day. It becomes difficult to decide how to attend calls while still continue working on your computer. However, what if there is a method that allows you to control your Android device through your computer? Will you not love it? Well, there indeed is a brilliant application that lets you do exactly this!
The application is Airdroid and is a revolutionary application that bridges your Android device and your computer. The application needs to be installed on your Android device and lets you control it via your computer. The installation process is simple and requires a few easy steps to be followed for enabling you to access the functionalities of your phone, such as making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMSs, receiving WhatsApp and Facebook notifications and transferring files to and from your phone.
The process is very simple. Simply download and install the Airdroid application from Google Playstore on to your Android device. Open the application and copy the web address displayed. Open the web link on your computer and enter the web address. The Android device and the computer must be connected to the same network. On visiting the website, enter the pin displayed or use the camera of the phone to scan the QR code displayed on your screen.

These simple steps are sufficient to connect your Android device to your computer and let you access the Android device easily from the phone.