Now babies are named after Pokemon Go game Characters

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How do names of babies such as Onyx, Eevee and Roselia sound? Not very common, right? But it is exactly what is happening in the United States. Within a few days of the release of Pokemon Go, the virtual reality mobile game that has gripped the world in its fever, parents in the US have started naming their new born or soon to be born babies after the names of the characters of this popular game. And the names they are preferring include Ash, Ivy, Shay, Star, Eevee, Roselia and Onyx.

According to Baby Center, a US based website for parenting and pregnancy website, there is a sudden spike in the popularity of some of the names in the country and most of these names are of the characters of Pokemon Go.

Below are the names of Pokemon Go characters and the spots they have jumped in the list of the most popular baby names in the US:

Roselia – up by 5,859 spots

Onyx – up by 2,184 spots

Star – up by 2,040

Eevee – up by 1,377 places

Ivy – up by 1,287 spots

Ash – up by 248 spots

Shay – up by 64 spots

Parents are even naming their new born Pikachu, another Pokemon Go character name. Onyx is one such name which was not very popular at least for the last 100 years, but has once again become popular due to the popularity of Pokemon Go.

Naming children after celebrities or characters of the popular TV shows has always been a fad. Parents are easily influenced by the presently popular characters and name their children without even realising that the children will have to live with such names all their lives even after these popular characters would have ceased to exist.