Nine Anonymous Hackers Arrested By Thai Police

Meet Hackers

Anonymous Hackers arrested by the thai police over the operating the famous operation #opsinglegateway.This operation was started last year upon the thai authorities who were working on bill that was pressuring the whole internet into a single gateway.
Hackers joined hands together and formed this operation and start cyberwar against the thai authorities like ,

How did Anonymous managed this cyberwar?

Hackers spread the operation via social media under the idea of anonymous and other users also joined the operation and used F5 ddos attack i.e refresh the target website again which becomes the part of manually ddos attack and this is how they crash the severs of the thai authorities ,similarly they attack thai police server on 17 DEC ,on 19 December on defense ministry and on 23 DEC on tourism and sports server with f5 ddos attack.After this several attacks hackers have been arrested and various others are in custody till yet 9 anonymous hackers has been arrested with ages 17-20.One of the hacker was raided with guns and marijuana like stuff and was dealing with the guns over the internet as per local media of thai.cyberwar against the thai authorities was carried by outside of the Thailand too.Thai police will surely take action against these teen hackers and still are raiding the local hackivists .All the computers of the suspects and other equipment has been seized and the computer act bill was finally passed in 16th December 2016 which is why the #opsinglegateway was active from the 17 December 2016 and finally police started raiding and started taking action towards the anonymous hackers .

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