NASA Under Attack By Hackers | DDos |

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NASA, as claimed by a hacking group New World Hacking, which claims affiliation to the hacktivist group Anonymous, is under a DDoS attack by this hacking group. NWH cites the reason that NASA has been hiding vital information from the world and the latest among this information is the one related to the terrorist organisation ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). There are also other pieces of information that NASA has been hiding and since it is a deception of the public, Anonymous, according to its principles of free speech is against such policies.

The group is also behind the hacking of online services of Xbox, BBC, HSBC UK online banking, Salt Lake airport and police websites and also the election campaign of Donald Trump. The DDoS attack on the NASA website is a part of a larger operation known as the Operation Censorship or the #OpCensorship. This operation is against the misinformation promoted by the governments around the world and also hiding of the information by the government bodies. NASA, has been accused by the NWH of hiding not just the information on ISIS but also on many other topics.


NASA, however claims that its website or the email server are fully functional and not affected in any way. To the contrary, NWH has issued a stating giving proof that it has actually brought down the server of NASA including the one that runs its emails and that it is committed to the freedom of speech and free access to the information over the internet.



With regards to its campaign against Donald Trump, the hactivist group has stated that the current attack on Trump’s website is just a sample and the actual attacks would begin from 1st of April, the international fool’s day.

The attack on the NASA’s website is referred to by the NWH as a form of digital blitzkrieg which means a barrage of attacks on a system just like there are attacks in a war. DDoS attacks mean that the website or the server remain inaccessible.