Mr Robot Hacked into NASA |Elliot Alderson


NASA News : Mr Robot Series on the Netflix. One of the infamous series about the hackers.MR robot is loved by both white hat hackers as well as black hat hackers.

Mr robot Series Impress everyone by his hacking skills.MR robot( Elliot Alderson ) hacks into famous and powerful corporation of the world Named by EVIL CORP .

In one of the seasons of MR Robot attached Raspberry which is configured for malicious attack .

They attached a Raspberry Pi to a thermostat and used it to hack into the facility’s climate-control system, which they planned to overheat in order to start a fire.Find out more on below available link


This idea led the hackers used to hacked into NASA. For almost 10 months hackers were undetected. Hackers seems to use the idea of MR robot to access unauthorized access into NASA laboratory.

It is believed that the hackers have stolen 500 Megabyte of the data from the NASA.

In our opinion Hackers have stolen more than 500 mb sensitive information. As the NASA is still investigating the matter.

As our Title says Mr Robot hacking with raspberry Pi might helped hackers in hacking into NASA.

Mr Robot comprised of three several seasons. All tech geeks are loved with this series. Rami Malek playing the playing main role of the hacker. Rami Malek is hacking almost everyone around him.

Hacking skill used in the MR Robot is much more realistic. We can see the use of the one of the infamous operating system of the hackers KALI LINUX.

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