More than 800 people work on camera of iPhone

Meet Hackers

The camera testing laboratory at Apple is headed by Graham Townsend. He and his team are responsible to design and test the most important part of iPhone – its camera. Camera has traditionally been a very important part of an iPhone and has consistently delivered superior performance over the last 8 years since the time the first iPhone was launched in the market.

Since then, it is one of the most important quality of iPhones and now we know why. It is because a massive team size of over 800 people work in this laboratory designing, developing and testing cameras for iPhones! It is truly incredible to have so many people working in a single place on such a big project that requires extensive research and development efforts to produce the kind of results that iPhone has been producing.
Camera is among the top reasons for the success of Apple’s devices including the iPhone. The names Apple in general and iPhone in particular are associated with superior quality products, with great design, ease of use and utility. A camera of such devices therefore cannot be of mediocre or even average quality.
Just like anything else in Apple, the camera for iPhones is worked upon in great detail, with passion and a sense of style. It is the design and class of the cameras that make it truly incredible and allows users to take great pictures. Every new generation of iPhone brings along with it something new in technology and style and iPhone 6 is no different.
These cameras offer customers what they have never seen before and allows them to capture special moment with comfort and in great style. While we continue to take memorable snaps on our iPhones, it is only logical to thank this massive team of 800 men and women who relentlessly pursue perfection.