Million Mask March in London saw thousands of protesters and 53 arrests

The supporters of hacktivist group Anonymous participated in the Million Mask March in London on 5th November 2016. Thousands of supporters of the group took part in the march wearing Guy Fawkes mask, which is the “face” of Anonymous.

The protesters marched through the Trafalgar Square and approached Westminster shouting slogans such as “Whose Streets? Our Streets”. The police was present in large numbers in the area as they were trying to keep the situation under control and avoiding any untoward incident.

Fortunately, the protest was more or less peaceful with sporadic incidents of confrontation among the protesters and the police. Protesters were carrying flairs, and according to the police, threw them on the road. However, there were no incidents of fire or other hazards.



The police also beamed a message in green light on Westminster urging the protesters to remain peaceful to avoid any law and order issues. There were, however, 53 arrests made by the police. 14 of them were arrested for the possession of drugs, 3 were arrested for carrying weapons, and 2 were taken into the custody since they were asked to remove the masks, which they refused.

Anonymous has tweeted that there were several instances when the police searched the protesters. Every year, supporters of Anonymous carry out marches in several major cities around the world such as London to show their dissent against the authority. Usually, these protests are largely peaceful, while few violent incidents cannot be ruled out.

Even this year, the protest saw thousands of protesters participating in the march, which shows the kind of support Anonymous enjoys despite lacking any central authority or leadership figure. With just a mask as its face, this hacktivist group has gained immense support from the masses around the world.