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Russian hackers found Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash

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Exploiting the vulnerabilities of Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash, a Russian hacking group which calls itself APT28 has been hacking into the computer systems of various governmental establishments which include military as well as other government organisations.

In a report published by FireEye in October, the group has been attempting to gain access to security and military establishments’ computer systems which include even the United States military. This is done with the intent of helping the Russian government gain strategic advantage. FireEye is a United States based security firm.

APT28 has detected vulnerabilities in Windows and Flash and this is being used to target the computer systems over the world. A patch to fix the vulnerabilities in Flash has already been released by Adobe and Microsoft is working on a patch to fix the issue. Flash is the most commonly used application to view animations and other web design graphics in the browsers and the internet and Windows is the widest used computer operating system.

The vulnerability in Windows is relatively difficult to exploit since it requires a high speed processor to execute the hack, however, a vulnerability still exists none the less. The increase in the attacks on the computer systems reveal a highly worrisome trend where even the most sophisticated and high tech computer systems of even security establishments around the world are being hacked and exploited. There is a growing concern in the cyber security communities due to such instances.

A growing need to strengthen the security systems is being felt round the globe and the governments are now taking such threats even more seriously.  Several hackers act alone or in groups and in certain instances, these groups are backed by the various governments like in case of APT28, it is allegedly supported by the Russian government in a covert manner.