Microsoft Office goes the Mac way!

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Microsoft has announced the launch of MS Office 2016 for Mac devices on 16th July 2015 after it announced the release of the MS Office app for Android a couple of weeks ago. The company also plans to release the MS Office app versions for Windows tablets and smartphones in the next couple of months and for Windows Personal Computers by the end of this year.
MS Office is still the widest used office application and since we now use multiple devices as compared to the earlier times when most of used only a single device like a computer, the requirement for an MS Office that can function efficiently across the platforms has become more urgent.
Now that we use computers, tablets and smartphones and access documents on all of these devices, it is even more important to have applications that function effortlessly on all of these devices irrespective of the nature of the device or the operating system. After a long time Microsoft has realised this fact and the new version of its office suite will be compatible with all of these multi-functional and multi-platform devices.
Users need to buy a subscription of Office 365 which is available for US$ 70 for a single licence for a Windows or Mackintosh PC or US$ 100 for 5 computers. The app is however without any subscription fee for mobile devices. Subscription can give users an access to several features of MS Office on their smartphones, but these are generally not used by regular users.


The app has most of the menu options in the same order as the earlier versions while the app for Mac now also includes several shortcut options that are similar to Windows making it easy for users to operate the application since they can use it on Mac just the way they do it on their Windows PC.