Meet the person who swims without arms and legs


Meet This Person Nick James Vujicic

Today we are going to meet the person who skydives, uses skateboards, surfs, plays football and golf, and swims without arms and legs!Are you shocked?

Meet this person Nick James Vujicic, who was born in Australia.You heard about the skills of the Nick James. Now you should know his story.

On the birth of Nick James Vujicic, his father, who should have been excited on his child’s birth, left the hospital room to vomit and his mother refused to hold him in the hospital because of the unexpected physical condition. Despite the fact that Nick‘smother was a nurse by profession who had take care of the things during pregnancy,they had no medical explanation for this child.

With the understanding and time, parents accepted Nick James and his condition (syndrome). It is such as peculiar condition that only 7 such cases have been reported globally. In his school,Nick was bullied frequently and he told his parents that he wants to kill himself. He even attempted suicide at the age of 10 in the washroom but he failed.

Nick, with time,understood his life more and with the support of this family, friends, and religion became an inspiration for the rest of the world.He became a motivational speaker and speaks about his struggle and living life in this condition.Nick has travelled to more than 55 countries and keeps inspiring people with his motivational speeches.Nick James realized that he was born to inspire people and give them hope.

Let’s now look at his achievements.

Nick was award for his bravery when he was 19.

He is married to a girl whose one arm was bitten by a shark in her childhood. They have two sons.

Nick founded a Non-profit organization “LIFE WITHOUT LIMB” and

Movement against the bullying.

Nick has written several books with the help of his life experience.

Nick made his parents proud and proved them wrong with his achievements.

Nick was awarded best actor in the short film “THE BUTTERFLY CIRCUS”

We have gathered the following videos which will you inspire you and you will realize how much powerful he is.