Meet the hackers who earned $267000 within 2 days

Meet the hackers who earned within $267,000 in 2 days , Curious to know how these hacker earned so much within less span of time,But guys its not easy task as its seem to be .There is a international organization which organized the international event in which hackers are invited to join the event and submit their hardcore bug to the organization in return they are well paid .Similarly this year at the Pwn20wn 2018 event.The hacker named by Richard Zhu with others hackers several major apps which we used in our daily life .As this event last for 2 days only and all the hackers are participated so you guess the competition level in this international event and now you can exactly imagine how tough is to survive in this event. These are white hat hacker which they  hack or find bug for a good cause and prevent it from getting it hacked from black hat hackers.

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Who won this Pwn20wn 2018 , Richard Zhu became the master of the pawn by achieving twelve points and every hacker participating in the event had time limit of 30 minutes to execute exploit on the test machine. Richard won $120,000 alone for his side. Twist is here they could only execute exploit only 3 times they cant execute exploit for the 4th time . We know you got now the level of the bug hunters participating in this event. Imagine 30 minutes and you have 3 chance to win the points that’s much more terrible than giving any examinations.

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The followings bugs were purchased and reported to respective companies

  1. Apple Safari

  2. Oracle Virtual Box

  3. Mozilla Firefox Broswer

  4. Microsoft Edge

These are major apps developers and whole world ,even they are got hacked,Now Feel the power of hackers and give much love and respect to these white hat hackers.

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