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Meet the Israeli Sniper who killed Nurse in Gaza

Meet the Israeli Sniper who killed the Nurse in Gaza

Meet The Israeli Sniper Who killed the Nurse in Gaza

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On Friday, we had a  unfortunately bad news all over the internet over the killing of a medical worker in the Gaza who was on duty helping the wounded people. While helping or treating the people she thought she is wearing vest who will protect her but she couldn’t identify the evil side of the Israeli Sniper. The 21-year-old girl who loves his job and by his own choice, she would help people. Some sources believe Raznan had decided to get engaged by the end of Ramadan month. After her funeral, various people on the social media called one name and with several pictures went viral of the Israeli sniper who killed this innocent nurse.

Israeli sniper is named by RUM REBECCA she is herself girl various people on the social media believe she is the behind her killing. While when the RUM Rebecca opens her social media account where she got a lot hate messages or comments. Some people got her personal details and spread it over all social media.

A twist is here Rum Rebecca commented on the news and saying she isn’t involved in the killing of the nurse and condemns her killing.Rum added, “people shouldn’t spread the fake news about it”. According to her statement, she is not behind the killing.Some locals who were present during the protest claim that it was the man who killed the nurse, not the girl.

So it is not clear yet who killed her but it is clear it was the Israel who provided bullets and guns to kill innocent like Razan Najar.

Over-researching over the internet we found a beautiful poem for the Razan al Najar, if you love it the share it not for us but for the innocent nurse.

We lost a priceless human And may she rest in peace 

Let her live on In our hearts and deeds In her goodness and kindness For each human being

Let us be the outcome From this tragedy

May each of us takes a lesson While we move on Living life in

care and share For humans out there And if we can see All needy

We might be able To create a BEW.

World to be Rest in peace RAZAN ENNAJAR

THANK you for being an example of humanity To so many

Now Israel says they will invesigate this matter.Any New Update will updated here .