Meet the 6 year old Youtuber who is a millionaire!


After meeting several hackers,now meet the kid who is just 6 and earns millions per year.

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Just like other normal YouTubers who review several products,it’s amazing now,in the 21stcentury that YouTube has content of toys’ reviews.

This kid is only 6 year old but he is an expert in reviewing.He is supported by his parents and accidentally his parents wanted to create videos to save childhood memories of their child Named RYAN, and also wanted to share with their relatives who aren’t in their region.

However, they noticed that there is an increase in the views of the video they uploaded on YouTube. It started when Ryan asked his parent “Why am I not on YouTube?” while watching toys reviews by other persons.

This is how Ryan channel was started on YouTube, and the most amazing thing is Ryan’s majority videos have millions of views. There are few videos which have view in hundreds of millions, which has led to the point that Ryan’s channel is quite popular on YouTube, and is quiet popular among his subscribers.Ryan’s channel is among the top 10 highest paid YouTubers, which is great!!!.

We have also started YouTubing but not actually working on it. You might think creating YouTube channel is easy and earns money, but just remember nothing is easy when it comes to earning money.

If you have unique content or something to share, then your channel may be or might not be successful on YouTube.

Like Ryan’s toys reviews. Don’t judge it’s easy for him or for his parents to work on it. It takes alot of work to create amazing content. To retain millions of followers, they have to create and think of new ideas to keep their channel happy. Which is also a big thing to do.

we have the ryan youtube channel link  and his first video link below,

Ryan’s youtube Channel