McDonald’s twitter hacked posted Anti trump tweets

Meet Hackers

Twitter Hacked

yes,This is the breaking updates we found while researching over the #Twitterhacks.we found McDonald’s official twitter account hacked but at the time of the writing of the article the account was restored and working under the hands of the McDonald’s back.The Hacker hacked into the McDonald’s account and posted the anti trump tweets and favors to the former president Barack Obama.
Here is the tweets of the hackers :-

@realDonaldTrump you are actually disgusting excuse of a president and we would love to have a @barackobama back,also you have tiny hands

Mc donald's hacked
we provide you also the snapshot and you can determine the how the hackers are making the fun of the current president and praising the former u.s president Barack Obama.The tweet was posted at 6:16 A.M 16 march 2017 but soon it was deleted once the account was restored in their hands.

As McDonald’s tweets ,seems they will investigate the following the hack but it seems it has been the victim of the ongoing twitter hacking. Forbes ,Duke university, amnesty international, Bloomberg and other high profiles accounts have been hacked since yet.Twitter are working on it and we think they have fixed the issue over hacking of the major profiles,@thecounter (The Counter ) is the third party service used by the twitter and it is the only issue behind the #twitterhack currently. Twitter removed its permission and the hacking has been stopped and no other major profiles has been affected.The Counter is working on their service.The Major #TwitterHack was famously found under the hashatgs like  and

How to secure your twitter accounts ?


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