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Mark Zuckerberg is probably the most powerful person in the world of social media but that doesn’t deter hackers from attacking him.

In a recent incident that transcends the boundary of audacity, a group of hackers that calls itself Ourmine has attacked the Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram accounts of the Facebook founder.

On 5th June, Sunday, it was believed that these accounts of Zuckerberg were compromised, albeit for a short while. Ourmine claimed and tweeted to Mark Zuckerberg that they have hacked his accounts and asked him to contact them.
Ourmine, the little known hacking group has over 40,000 Twitter followers. It is not known what the reason behind the hacks was, although the group has claimed in its tweet to Mark that they are testing the security of his accounts.

They tweeted him on @finkd, the Twitter handle of Mark Zuckerberg and stated they gained the access to his Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

However, shortly after the incident, the tweets were deleted. It is stated that Zuckerberg has not used his Twitter account to tweet even a single message since 2012.
It is not yet confirmed if the Instagram account of Mark was also compromised. Incidentally, Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Speculations are rife that the attack on Zuckerberg’s accounts are a result of the 2012 leaks of more than 100 million LinkedIn usernames and passwords. These accounts are up for sale on the dark web for around US$2300.
In 2012, LinkedIn found that around 4 million of its accounts were hacked and asked the account holders to change their passwords. However, it was only recently that they identified that the leak was to the tune of over a 100 million. It was when the company detected this information being sold over the dark web. At that point, LinkedIn asked all of its users to change their passwords immediately.
It is believed that the passwords of the LinkedIn that were stolen are behind the various types of hacking instances on the other social media networks. Since people usually keep same passwords for all of their different social media accounts, it is likely that gaining access to the password of LinkedIn gives the attackers the access to all of their other accounts of the users.