White Hats are screwing Lizard Squad and the game has just begun

In what seems to be a bizarre turn of events, Lizard Squad, a notorious hacking team convicted to distributing botnets to gain control over IoT devices is now facing a storm of attacks from White Hats.
It’s a common misconception that hacking or hackers always have a negative connotation. There are white hat hackers who work for the good of the people and want to protect them online. This group of white hat hackers that go hacked the Linux.Wifatch malware in October, which was also being distributed by Lizard Squad is now completely going after the squad to eliminate the threat they are posing to the IoT devices.
What are IoT devices?
IoT or the internet of things is a technology that allows managing your devices via the internet. If you have an IoT refrigerator, you can control it from your smartphone even if you aren’t at home. This technology is fast becoming very popular and the use of IoT devices is spreading fast. Many of these devices are used for security purposes such as CCTV or other type of vigilance.
Why is Lizard Squad’s threat so dangerous?
The botnets implanted by Lizard Squad now somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000. These can easily compromise the security of IoT devices and are a serious threat. Their Linix.Wifatch infected thousands of routers in October but due to the intervention of White Hats, it was eliminated. There were also arrests made of the members of Lizard Squad.
How are White Hats?
The actual identity of this group is not known. But, they have been fighting to increase the security of the regular people and governments on the internet. In October, they implanted their own malware on thousands of routers which actually enhanced their security. It helped eliminate the threat of Linux.Wifatch. Now they are after Lizard Squad big time. White Hats have their own botnet that now expands between 50,000 and 70,000.
Due to the increasing notoriety of groups like Lizard Sqaud, White Hats are gaining increasing support from all the corners. Although the methods they use are similar to what black hat hackers follow, their intentions are totally different and they want to work for protecting people.

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