Lizard squad hackers are behind the facebook,instagram outage(#facebookdown)

Meet Hackers

we not clear here but according to the various news reports lizard squad hackers are the behind the recent attack on the world famous websites FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM .On the twitter lizard squad also tweeted”Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, Hipchat #offline #LizardSquad.“The website were offline almost for 40-60  minutes from 6:00 GMT.later on the map about the cyber attack was released on the social media  professed ddos attack worldwide.The origin of the hack was found in us,china and Netherlands

Facebook denies that hackers brought down the facebook,on the other side there is no official statement from,instagram,Currently #facebookdown is trending hastag on the twitter.
lizard squad now are the famous hacker of the world.well yesterday lizard squad also hacked Malaysian airline website and threat to leak data online.while going through the lizard squad’s official twitter account first tweet is about the recent on Facebook, instagram ,second tweet is

“More to come soon. Side note: We’re still organizing the @MAS email dump, stay tuned for that.”

its seems lizard squad will dump data stolen from Malaysian airlines.