lenovo under attack by lizard squad

Using the weakness of the shopping tool called SuperFish, the hacking group called Lizard squad made a hacking attack on the Chinese computer factory Lenovo. This hacking group had claimed all the glory of the attack by posting the details of it on Twitter. They revealed that they had used e-mails stolen from people employed by Lenovo, and also they revealed some codes used to transfer web domains to other registers. Also, the Lizard Squad had stated that they have made the similar attack on Google’s Vietnamese domain.

According to security experts, this hacking group had managed to hijack the DNS (domain name servers) ,which are used to convert the web addresses users type into their IP address on the internet. Lenovo had made a statement that they are working on preventing new attacks by actively reviewing their network security, and fixing the problems this attack had made. One of the hackers working for Lenovo on this affair had made a statement that this hacking group probably made an attack using the weakness of Webnic, a domain name registar, and that Google’s Vietnamese domain is also registered on Webnic.

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