Lauri love the British hacker wins after hacking into u.s

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Lauri Love 

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After hacking into u.s cyberspace and entering their  private server of the u.s government including the Federal reserve,Military server and other private server such as defense agency for the another hacker who committed his life after he ended his life.

Anonymous hacker group with their hacking techniques and massive power stroked the u.s government’s cyberspace in which British hacker was accused of and had been charged in attacking the u.s cyberspace .

Lauri love was accused after hacking into these server  was sentenced to jail for life if found guilty.Lauri love was supported heavily by the anonymous group during these years via social media.Lauri and anonymous has participate operation.After the operation #oplastresort he was arrested and along with his techy things were also seized.

He was extradited to u.s by the court but today the court let the lauri win and stated on watching his mental condition and depression it would be unjustified for lauri  love to to hand his case to u.s

Court has supported the Lauri and its big achievement for his supporters as well as for anonymous however he will have to go prosecuted to England and the u.s administration should compromise over it ,sadly the u.s authorities are not happy with this decision and on the other hand lauri love is much relaxed and relieved because it could be difficult for him to extradited to us where he hasn’t visit and on taking the part of his mental condition would will take a serious impact on his mental condition which could be the end of his life as recent hackers had so .

As per some source Lauri love hasn’t been stated that he has been innovled in anonymous attack or he is part of the anonymous idea,so i guess we should celebrate now for the lauri love. much love and much respect.