Israel Military Men’s Smartphones Are Hacked

Meet Hackers

Today we live in the era of technology where we all almost owns a smartphone and has respective private and sensitive information inside it such as pics , contacts , videos ,sms,messages ,social media accounts right . Similar is the case of the Israel Military who are getting hacked till this date from the previous year i.e. 2016 with the help of their own personal android smartphone malware namely “ViperRAT” .

you are might be thinking how it is possible to hack into them with the smartphone in their hands . There is the thing which admires the man mostly that is girls so hacker poses as the girls and display with fake pictures of the teen finally admires the Israeli military person via social media . This technique is called HONEY TRAP .

As girl here are admiring the military guy and managed him to download the exploit  version apps and military person ready to go. As the downloading starts hackers manage to predict the downloaded file has been installed in his android smartphone . so first it will cover the basic information about the smartphone and will try to as much as information to the attacker that will help him in hacking whole smartphone .The following apps are used for hacking into their smartphones

  • Yee call pro
  • SR chat
  • Billiards game
  • Israeli love song player

So these were the apps under the commands of malware created by the hackers especially for stealing data .This cover first stage of malware now coming to second stage of the attack , it updates several things on the smartphone that’s the tricky thing done by the hackers and easily manipulate the Israel Military Men like by manipulating the user to update the whatsapp or viber update or system update. This helps them to unlock them permission for the free surveillance that’s only point of the second stage explains security researchers.

As per the researcher they have found over 8900 files hacked from the smartphones majority data was complied of the images .As the hacker initiated several commands after getting complete access of the smartphone like ,contacts ,sms ,histories,logs, geolocation other hell of data other data usually contain in the phone.

As per the  researchers they searched the command for search of the confidential data present on the smartphone.

Various reports suggested that the hamas might be the behind this smart attack but the lookout suggested they aren’t capable in this field of mobile hacking with such commands done ,so researchers have been on it and trying to find out the the hackers behind this malware attack

That’s it stay secure from the ViperRat

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