Hackers Claim To Have Hacked Israeli Systems | Hacked |

Al Manar, a Lebanese network has published a report claiming that a hacker group “We Are Coming”, which supports Hizbollah hacked 5,000 Israeli websites that includes several sensitive and confidential systems, data and even feeds from security cameras. Similar news has been reported by the Pro Hizbollah news outlets in Lebanon.
What does the group claims?
The hackers’ group “We Are Coming” claim that in 2015, in a single year, they could penetrate into 5,000 Israeli targets. Some of these targets were the security cameras installed by the Israeli government and the security establishments. Although other news agencies in Lebanon corroborate the claims of the hackers of being able to hack into the websites and Facebook pages of Israel, Al Manar is the only agency that has stated the claims of the hackers to have accessed the security cameras. According to Al Manar, the hackers call the campaign of hacking into the security cameras of Israel as “Shattering Illusions” and that the attack was perpetrated by them on the 8th anniversary of the targeted killing of ImadMughniyeh.
The network also released photos that show alleged feeds of the various security establishments in places such as Tel Aviv and Haifa. Some of the photographs are also claimed to be of a restaurant. A photo released by the network is from the security camera of a government office in Nahariya that shows the Israeli flag in the background. Al Manar claims that a member of the group that it interviewed has acknowledged the fact that the group was successful in penetrating around 5,000 Israeli websites; several of which belong to the government and the security establishments of the country.
Background of “We Are Coming”
“We Are Coming” has stated that they are going after the Israeli government establishments. They had been planning such attacks since 2013 and could finally succeed in 2015. Their objective was to attack Israeli websites on the anniversaries of the second war of Lebanon, death of ImadMughniyeh and Samir Kuntar.
Since these attacks, the Israeli Defence Force has increased the security of the country and Israel’s online assets.