Islamic state hacked 600 russian websites in 2014

In a report published by Group-IB, a Russian Cyber Intelligence Company, Pro-Islamic State hacking groups have attacked around 600 Russian Websites in 2014. The attacked websites included several businesses and commerce related websites and these included various banks, government organizations, construction companies, schools and one local history museum in North Urals.

The reports published by Group-IB, the attacks have been conducted by several different Pro-Islamic State groups and these include Team System DZ, Global Islamic Caliphare and FallaGa Team. According to Ilya Sachkov from Group-IB, the hackers so far have been using simple hacking kits and hacking techniques and have exploited the vulnerability of unsecure websites. However, there is a possibility that the attacks might become more sophisticated in the future and can target more websites.
Sachkov further stated that these groups are trying to acquire more advanced hacking techniques and malware. Future attacks might target even more websites and can lead to financial and security losses to various companies and organizations. It is still unclear whether these groups are based in Russia or originated outside Russia. Russian agencies are trying to identify if there are any Russians nationals involved in these attacks.
One of the groups involved in these attacks if the one which calls itself CyberCaliphate, which in the past has targeted several US and European websites. In January, this group attacked the YouTube and Twitter accounts of United States Army’s Central Command. The group has also attacked social media accounts and websites of several media organizations including the Twitter account of Newsweek.
According to Group-IB, the attacks are alarming and can target any country throughout the globe. This represents the growing menace of the Islamic State and their supporter groups in the cyberspace and governments need to take precautions to avoid severe damages that might occur due to such attacks.

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