Isis threatens to kill Mark Zuckerberg and Dorsey

It seems that the threat from the biggest terrorist organisation in the world ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is not going to dissipate anytime sooner, especially in the cyber world. ISIS and its supporters have used social media more efficiently than any of their predecessors and their success in doing so reflects from the sheer number of people it has been able to attract from around the world.

The growing threat from ISIS has not only forced the world governments to launch an attack on its physical assets, but attempts are also being made to shut down their online network. In this Facebook and Twitter, the two primary social media platforms used by ISIS are working on shutting down accounts and pages associated with ISIS or its sympathisers. However, this move from these social media giants has promoted ISIS to go after their founders and give death threats to them.

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter by Jack Dorsey. Both Mark and Jack have been threatened by ISIS in its latest video that runs for a length of 25 minutes. In the video, the terrorist organisation has warned the founders of Facebook and Twitter with threats to their lives and have stated that these social media giants are no match to them. They have claimed that ISIS supporters have hacked 10,000 Facebook accounts and 150 Facebook pages along with 5,000 Twitter accounts which are handed over to their supporters.

According to the video, ISIS has a robust global network of terrorists and that they will make an all-out effort to continue using these social media portals to continue on their mission. ISIS claims to have changed the images and messages on the pages of the hacked accounts and are using these accounts to continue with their action. They have warned that if Facebook or Twitter closes one of their accounts, they will hack 10 accounts in retaliation.

The rise of ISIS in the last couple of years has prompted the social media platforms to keep a tab on their activities including a suspension of their accounts. It has not gone down well with these terrorist organisations who have claimed life threats to their founders.