How ISIS teaches hacking to his followers |Inside ISIS |Ghost Sec Group |

It is a fact known to all that although ISIS is losing ground on the battlefield, they still continue to hold fort on the internet and is rather becoming stronger. In what has just been detected is that ISIS has, used its team of IT experts and hackers to create hacking tools and tutorials and has shared it with their members and followers. All these tools are tutorials are shared via Telegram, the messenger most commonly used by ISIS.

It shows that ISIS wants to inflict severe damage online and is giving away tools and training to its supporters so that an ISIS supporter even with a basic knowledge of computer can cause havoc online.

#Ghost Secuirty Group , the biggest ISIS hunter online, in a discussion, revealed these details. When the core team of #Ghost Secuity Group  monitored the tools and video tutorials, and concluded that these were shared by ISIS to its followers and supporters.

The information was shared by ISIS on its Arabic language channel on Telegram . The channel has more than 1,000’s of members. This channel is active since 24th December 2015 and since then has shared numerous videos and tutorials with its members. This isn’t the only channel. There are several other channels used by ISIS to share the information.

In one of the other channels, that #Ghost Security Group has identified, there are over 10,500 members. It shows that ISIS is far ahead of its enemies when it comes to using technology and brainwashing people into joining this terrorist group. ISIS has inflicted serious damage over the last few years and has displaced millions of innocent people, most of them Muslims, from their homeland. It continues to grow stronger online despite its growing weakness on the ground. It is the reason why this terrorist organization is making maximum use of the online techniques to wage a war against its enemies.

While it remains to be seen how much it will be able to spread its hacking tools and tutorials, it seems it already has enough firepower in terms of networks and channels to cause severe damage.

Some of the hacking tools that have been detected are given below. If you detect any of them installed on your computer, you must immediately quarantine it.

• busybox Pro
• Dsploit
• WpsWpa Tester
• Wps Connect
• AndroDumpper
• Zant
• BugtroidPentesting PRO
• droidsheep
• DroidSniff
• intercepterng
• Low Orbit Ion Cannon LOIC
• DDos Attack
• Network spoofer
• terminal emulator
• Wifi Protector
• WifiMap
• Game hacker
• Freedom
• Game Killer
• lucky patcher
• Migrer contacts
• Wifi kill Pro

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