Isis strikes on twitter too

Meet Hackers

we all know that Isis were much famous on the twitter in previous year,but later on all Isis accounts were shut down.Now today a hacker hacked into WBOC-TV twitter account and website too .This hacker also hacked into  ABQJOURNAL twitter account.after hacking into twitter account hacker uploaded the pictures in support to Isis terrorist .The hacker also threaten to the albuquerque citizen.
The hacker also posted the message in support of isis militants and against amercian citizens.The good news is  that ABQ JOURNAL twitter account is restored  but WBOC-Tv twitter account is still under the hands of hackers.The hacker namely “cyber Caliphate ” also claimed to  hack into the f.b.i confidential documents.

we will show you some snapshot of the tweets posted by hacker on WBOC-TV twitter account

There no reports about how hacker was able to hack into twitter accounts.This hacker seems very strong supporter of Isis terrorist that’s why  he posted tweets in support of them.