yes,Isis introduces training guide which will help their members protect them from nsa’s eye.This guide will train Isis members on ” how to prevent them from exposing their  location and  or key data while using twitter or other social networking websites”.
It would be hard for the nsa to find Isis members now.With the help of this guide now Isis members remove metadata from the tweets they post or share.This guide also recommends that Isis militants avoid posting their name,location and  other credentials that could identify their whereabouts while tweeting.This guide was released when  the NSA and GCHQ of UK got information about  the whereabouts of isis militants,NSA and GCHQ got their information by analyzing the metadata from the tweets containing images and messages posted by Isis militants

Though the manual is in Arabic language,so this guide states:

“A number of security blinds have appeared that have benefited the enemy and have helped expose the identities of some brothers or identify some sites used by the mujaheddin with ease.”

The wireless network and WiFi boosters are used for expanding their internet coverage within the city has become another area of concern to the Isis stated in the media reports.while intelligence agencies can easily hack into those wireless signals and locate their cell phones and other devices
lets see how isis will fight will intelligence agencies
isis traning guide
meet hackers

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