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ISIS hacks email id of senior government ministers

Meet Hackers

According to GCHQ, the British Intelligence Agency, email accounts of several prominent and senior UK ministers were hacked by the terror group ISIS. It includes the account of Home Secretary Theresa May. The attacks are a part of the growing menace of the terrorist organisation Islamic State, also known as the ISIS.

The mastermind behind these attacks is presumed to be a 21 years old British national Junaid Hussain. Hussain was in the past found guilty of hacking the electronic diary of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was convicted and was imprisoned for 6 months. However he fled the country while on parole.
He married a British perfume salesperson and rocker Sally Jones who later converted to Islam and calls herself Sakinah Hussain. She is 46 years old. Junaid however was killed in aerial drone strikes in August in Syria and the hacks it seem took place prior to the month of August.
The hacks were intended to gain an access to the confidential information of the British minsters and the royal families in an attempt to forge a plot to assassinate them. The passwords of all these accounts have been changed once the incident came to light.
Junaid was convicted in 2012 and the judge at that time showed leniency in giving the judgement for his crime due to his age at the time of hacking the electronic account of Tony Blair. Junaid was only 15 years old then. However, Junaid misused the leniency and then fled to Syria with his Muslim convert wife in 2013.
Governments in the west have been a regular targets of the groups like ISIS. ISIS has emerged to be the biggest threat and it seems that there is little that these governments are doing to eliminate the online threat of ISIS.