ISIS hackers hack computer systems at Hobart Airport


ISIS supports just like ISIS are the biggest threat to the
world since these groups are involved in several disruptive activities. According
to the confirmation from Tasmanian Police, the Hobart airport website was
hacked by pro ISIS supports and messages in support for ISIS were posted. The
police were informed about the incident at 5.30 AM local time on 13th
Groups like these target websites which use hosting services
like the one used by the Hobart airport. The Hobart airport website is hosted
by NetRegistry as specified on the WHOIS portal. However, the attack remained
limited to the website of Hobart airport and has not affected any of the
airport services or caused any damage to the flight schedules.
The increase in such attacks reveals the vulnerabilities of
such websites and hosting services. According to the message posted on the
website, the website has been hacked by Team DZ, a pro ISIS group which has
been involved in many similar attacks on vulnerable websites in the past. The
growing threats of pro ISIS groups pose a great security threats and concerns
for the world. Along with the violence caused by ISIS, such attacks from pro
ISIS groups are intended to target the vulnerabilities of the internet and
cause severe damage to global commerce, economy and human lives.
It has become even more important for the world governments
to weed out the threats posed by ISIS and their supporters and eliminate such
threats. Unlike ISIS, which is limited to a specific geographical location,
attacks in the cyber space can cause severe damage to the assets throughout the
world. It is therefore imperative that such threats should be taken seriously
by the world governments and should be handled in a strict manner.