Is Microsoft Edge a better option than other browsers?

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Microsoft has unveiled the new browser Edge with its Windows 10. The new browser completely replaces 2 decades old Internet Explorer and promises to be much better and faster than the Internet Explorer. However just being better than the Internet Explorer is not good enough. Internet Explorer for several years had to just compete with Napster. However, Edge has to compete with browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox.
Also, despite Edge being the bundled browser with the Windows operating system, users can now as compared to earlier can easily download and install other browsers effortlessly. Internet Explorer was more or less a compulsion for the users for lack of choice. Edge on the other hand faces stiff competition from other rival browsers and this makes it difficult for it to survive and sustain.
To be able to do so, Edge needs to be better than the rivals in terms of its competencies and efficiency. It is a basic requirement for Edge to be user friendly to be able to achieve the desired success. Edge has actually been able to achieve this to a great extent. Microsoft has removed all the unwanted tools and extensions that existed in the Internet Explorer. Edge has fewer such elements and a higher customisation options.

Users can easily customise Edge according to their requirements and add extensions that are needed by them. This allows them to make the best use of the browser. Edge also includes several unique features that are currently not available in any of the rival browsers. The Web Note feature allows users to actually add notes to the pages that they read on the internet and cut and paste it to be emailed to their friends and families with the notes. The notes can be used for future references as well. Another important feature of Edge is the digital Microsoft assistant Cortana that helps with users’ queries.