iphone finally hacked by Chinese Security Firm Using Play doh

Meet Hackers

For a while now there are legal concerns in the United States and in several parts of the world regarding the inability of the authorities to unlock the iPhone. Apple has refused to let anyone break into its device – not even the authorities.

The fight is going on and there are several concerns over how Apple is handling the issue. It is a common knowledge that iPhone is so secure that even the FBI cannot break into its security. The argument is polarised into two contrasting camps – one in support of the security and privacy of the devices and the other in support of national and public security.

But now, a Chinese security firm Vkansee has found a way to breach the security of an iPhone protected with a secured finger print detection mechanism. The president of the company Jason Chaikin has demonstrated how a locked iPhone can be unlocked and the material he used to do it is a simple play doh used by kids!

What comes as a shocker to many is how something as seemingly innocuous as a play doh can be a potential means to unlock something as complicated and secure as an iPhone. The method includes making a dental clay impression of the fingerprints of the persons and then using it make a clay doh impression of the finger print. When pressed against the iPhone, the device detects it as the fingerprint of an actual person.

However, this mechanism, although potentially can cause real harm to the security of an iPhone, has a very limited chance of success. It requires that the person trying to breach the security has the fingerprint of the owner of the iPhone and also has the physical access to the phone.

In hardly 1 in 50,000 instances there is a chance that the fingerprint of another person could be detected as the fingerprint of the owner by the phone. It is therefore difficult to actually hack an iPhone. However, it does reveal an actual threat of how an iPhone can be hacked and accessed.