Intimate images of Charlotte McKinney leaked online

Intimate images and selfies taken by supermodel Charlotte McKinney have been leaked online by hackers. These images are being shared over social media networks and Imgur photo sharing websites after they were leaked by hackers. The images include some very intimate images of the supermodel and even her explicit and naked images.

Charlotte McKinney became famous instantly after she was profiled in Esquire and selected Instagram to be her portfolio managers. She has a semblance with Kate Upton and her advertisement for All Natural Burger made her instantly successful. Charlotte will be a part of the 20th Season of Dancing with the Stars which is a very popular reality show in the United States of America.

Despite the claims that the images were leaked by hackers, there has been no verification of this fact. According to the critics, the leak has to do with her upcoming movie release Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. However, the alleged leaks are doing the rounds over the internet and are being shared over several websites.

Leaking intimate and personal images of celebrities has been a nemesis for some time now. Late last year, images of several celebrities include Jennifer Garner were leaked online by hackers who hacked into their iCloud accounts. There was a great debate over the security of Cloud networks such as iCloud.

Due to these incidents, cyber security experts have been pointing out the vulnerabilities of such sharing platforms and state that these are unsafe to upload personal and confidential information. With cloud computing being the next big thing, it is important to ensure that not just the data is kept safe on the internet, it is also protected from unauthorised access like those by hackers.