internet shutdown in iraq(#iraq crisis)

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as we all know about the iraq crisis,which is created by the isis.the internet in iraq has shutdown due to  presence of isis in iraq ,as the isis use social media and  posting brutal images on the  internet,recently twitter suspended six isis accounts,they tweet excessive violence and brutal images,


Isis twitter account.

as @Nnewsi tweeted isis expansion in mosul,similarly other twitter account @ansaar9999 with follower sof 23,600 people and @w_raqqa with follower of 32,600 people,their main purpose of using these social media was gaining public support from other per the twitter polices “they will suspend such accounts which use excessive violence”so they done,after finding isis on social media ,Iraqi government decided to shutdown the internet in certain areas,this is not it,they have also restricted the use of vpn and social networking service to whole country,in some district in iraq ,the internet is fully shutdown due to the high  presence of isis,
but with use of right tools,iraqi can access social networking websites,there are plenty of ISPs,among them use satellite connections that arent in control iraqi government.
as internet shutdown ,effect many apps in iraq like firechat ,psiphon and  many more….