5 Tools to increase Instagram followers free

Instagram followers free

5 ways to increase Instagram followers

Majority of the youth today are looking for the most efficient ways to increase Instagram followers and that too with complete ease. There are majority of automation tools that are available free of cost and can help in increasing Instagram followers to a significant extent.

In order to use these automation tools, much of technical knowledge is also not required and the code can be edited manually. There are many tools available like











These are few extension that work with google chrome which increase Instagram followers of the user.

The best part of all the tools listed above is that they are absolutely secure and never ask for personal username and password. Contrary to this, the tool GrowBot asks for username and password that the user is supposed to enter manually in order to automate the account. But, maximum of the extensions are absolutely free.

There are plethoras of tools available on the internet that can increase Instagram followers for the respective user. Many tools are there that are user-friendly. Although, for people with technical expertise many tools are there which can automate Instagram account without GUI if they are willing to do so.They can use following tools :-






There are many other alternative tools in order to increase followers free but the biggest challenge is that they need to be configured manually and that too without a graphical user interface. Hence, it would be very difficult for a person who is not having technical expertise, hence one must opt for easiest automation tools to increase Instagram followers free.

Will Instagram Punish me ?

One point that needs to be taken care of is that auto-following or auto commenting can harm or backfire the respective automation of user, hence it has to be handled with utmost care and should never be used for spam purpose

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