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Indian Government Websites Hacked for Kashmir Internet

Indian Government websites hacked

Ghost Squad Hackers who are inspired by the Anonymous Hacker Group. Ghost Squad Hackers are attacking the Indian government website from the last month. We have all the list of the hacked government websites.

On talking with hackers said”

“We will always bypass the security of Indian Government servers, they can attempt to prevent us from hacking their servers but we will continue to gain root access to their servers and mass deface them, we have a private exploit we are using against them so it will be hard to patch the vulnerability when you’re unaware of it..”

Hackers added :

We choose the India government websites as the Indian Government are censoring the internet and basic human rights in Jammu and Kashmir where they put  internet restrictions “.

Hacked websites Screenshot

Indian Government websites hacked by Ghost Squad Hackers

Short message for the Indian administration Deface Page :-

Greetz To All Ghost Squad Members

Continue to Censor the internet and we will Continue to Censor You !

List of the hacked websites

Mirror Link

Assam, Kerala,Arunchal Pradesh ,Various Government websites are getting hacked. It is unclear whether the hackers were able to stole data for malicious purpose.

After deep conversation with the hackers “we will continue attack the on government websites”

At the time of writing article Hackers will able to hack these websites again after administrators remove their deface page.

Some of the website might be working properly without any defacement as these are government websites where their handlers try to pull off the Hackers materials,But Administrators were not able to find permanent solution for these government websites.

Ghost  Squad hackers are one of the hackers group still able to survive in this time ,as various hackers groups are destroyed by arresting several hackers, while some were killed .

Syrian Electronic army still off from the internet who were once nightmare for the multinational Companies. Ghost Squad Hackers were off too but from several months we can see there are pulling up and hack not only Indian government websites but also able other government websites around the world.

Indian government Needs to protect its government websites and secure it to prevent any such attacks. We might see Massive Cyberwar by other hackers also if these things won’t get fixed soon.

Ghost Squad are fighting for various operations currently, They haven’t yet put full their efforts on the Indian Cyberspace .

If somehow operation will be started can lead disturbance over the Indian  Authorities or Massive Data Hack.

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