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34 illegal Facebook pages and 25 groups hacked by Indian Hackers

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Facebook pages hacked

Usually the term Hackers has a negative connotation to it. It is because most of the non-tech people just look at negative news about hacking. Even the media hasn’t been just towards hackers while highlighting only those with criminal intent. The fact is that there are more good hackers than the bad ones. The former being called White Hat Hackers and the latter Black Hat Hackers. And, this time, there is a good news from the good hackers in India.
These hackers are fighting against the menace of pornography by hacking the Facebook pages, accounts, and groups. This group of hackers calls itself Kerala Cyber Warriors and are acting under the flag of Anonymous, the hacktivist group.

Although keeping the society clean of the menace of things such as child pornography is the job of police and the law enforcement agencies, they have failed time and again in achieving these objectives. It is in instances such as these that the hacktivists enter the foray and take a stance against such activities.
These hackers have penetrated and hacked 34 Facebook pages and 25 groups, a list of which we have compiled for you here.

These hackers identified the pages that offer online pornography and exposed them on Facebook. They identified a Hari Krishna who is allegedly spreading personal photographs of his ex-girlfriend and other school friends and with the intent of making it viral to garner vulgar comments thereby maligning the image of these girls. The hackers group from Kerala India, which currently boosts of 10 + members have taken the responsibility of cleaning up such menace from the online sources, and it is what they are actually doing.

According to the group there are over 10,000 pages with similar content that are maligning the image of particular women. These pages are made by men with fake profiles of women. These pages are then used to spread pornographic material.

These hackers want to inflict serious damage to the perpetrators by hacking into their social media pages and exposing them publicly. The step they have taken is the first in this direction.

Video Demonstration of Hacked Facebook Pages and Groups :-