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Over 700 million iCloud accounts we are also doing this for yahoo hackers

Meet Hackers

iCloud accounts Hacked!

After previous talks with hackers about millions of iCloud accounts getting hacked, we asked the hackers why and how they have been hacking into Apple account with so much professionalism. We received the below statement:

Your Motivation?

We’re doing this because we can, and mainly to spread the awareness for Karim Baratov & Kerem Albayrak. Both of them are being detained for the Yahoo hack and one of them is most probably facing heavy sentencing in America. Kerem Albayrak, on the other hand, is being accused of listing the Yahoo database for sale online.

– Are you from Turkey?
Yes, we’re from Turkey but we live in Green Lanes, North London, UK

– Is your action somehow politically motivated?
No, we do not follow politics.

– Karim Baratov lives in Canada and is currently in custody?
Kerem Albayrak currently either lives in Istanbul or the UK

Recently few hackers who were involved with hacking 500 million yahoo accounts were detained. It seems they are supporting them and spreading the awareness.
The hackers also said that they aren’t into only this single attack as this hack is highlighted because it concerns Apple which is the most valuable company in the world.
From 519 million accounts they moved to over 600 million accounts and currently at the time of eporting, they have hacked 717 million iCloud accounts. They are also preparing themselves for the day of the attack on the Apple system i.e iCloud on the 7th of April 2017.only 250 million are working fine currently
The statement that Apple should read:-
Our entire group isn’t based on this single attack; we’re a new criminal organization with a lot of resources & power.
This is just the start. The amount of databases is growing as more people are getting involved with the group now that it has made it to the news,
It has been bumped up from 519 million to 627 to then 717 million and we’re assured that this number will carry on growing until the day of attack.

iCloud hacked Sample Data and Video

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