How to Play Pubg game free on Pc

pubg game

Pubg game (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) the infamous game .The professional gamers buy the official Pubg for the Pc. For those who want to play Pubg game on the Pc at zero cost or free can use this technique.

Many of the gamers love to play Pubg on the desktop or laptops for better resolution.

While various gamers are already using the android emulators for Pubg gaming. But we have present the one of the best emulator for Pubg gaming.

This emulator will give you better user experience comparatively.

Download Tencent Gaming buddy .

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Download the Tencent Pubg gaming emulator
we recommend to download this Tencent Pubg game emulator for

  • Better resolution .
  • Better gaming experience .
  • Supports mainly Pubg gaming.

Alternatively you can use as many emulators.Many gamers on youtube recommends for bluestacks.


Download Bluestack Android Emulator.
if you have experience all these emulators for gaming, then you can try some more android emulators for Pubg game.


Download Nox Player Android emulator

Ko Player

This android emulator which are mainly focusing on the gaming .
Download Ko PLayer Android Emulator .


Download Memu Android Emulator.


Download Bliss Android Emulator.

We have as many android emulator on the internet.We have already recommended the top android emulators for gaming above.

Pubg game is one of the most addictive game in the world.This game led various accidents and ban in several region. Like in India some players were arrested.

After the several arrested Pubg has restricted game play hours to 6 hours.This restriction will be imposed on the Indian players only.

Many Government authorities have been asked to ban this game.As their children are living in the game only and has been badly addicted to it.

Some worst cases of the gaming addiction. 20 year old boy dies in telegana . Another 15 year boy went missing as parents claims he has been brainwashed by someone via pubg.

We would like to say that Gaming is the part of the life not the life.Play any game in proper manner.It shouldn’t harm yourself or your surroundings.