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How to locate your lost phone using Google Search engine

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Losing your phone can be painful since you not only lose the
device but also important data and contact details stored on your phone. However,
this is just a small part of a larger problem. It is quite possible that you
might have you multiple email accounts configured on your phone or that someone
might misuse the phone if you do not find it first.

However, if you use an Android phone, you can be rest
assured that finding your lost phone is a walk in the park. All you need to
ensure that you have your Google account logged into your phone. Your phone
must have locations settings turned on and you have an updated version of
Google Search app on your phone.
Once these prerequisites are in place, it is quite simple to
find your lost phone. When such an instance takes place, simply type find my
phone in Google search from a computer or another device after logging into
your same Google account that you were logged into your mobile phone. This will
display a location map that is as accurate as up to 16 metres.
This will tell you an approximate location of your Android
Phone. Next you can click on the ring option under the search map that will
call your phone. Finding your phone will be much easier. However this is useful
in the instance you have lost your phone in a place where it can be found or
cannot be stolen, like your home, office or under the seat of your car.


If your phone is lost, you must preferably use Android
device manager to locate your phone and to lock it as well as wipe out all the
data that is stored on your phone.