How to earn money using Facebook app

How to earn money using Facebook app

Now Facebook gives the users opportunity to earn money from the new application. The company who owns the data own the world. Data is essential for the social media companies and other internet-based companies. Similarly, for better user experience Facebook introduced this application named as Study from Facebook.

Study from Facebook

Study from Facebook application will give you reward for the questions you will answer. This will help Facebook to know your audience more deeply. On Facebook they have several algorithm that collect the user data for the better user experience.This app will make better user experience. Facebook will have better idea what type of content this user is interested or what kind product user is interested .

How to earn money using Facebook app

Log on the below link or simply search for the Study from Facebook from the google play store.

  • Install it
  • Click on the next button
  • Enter your email address and enter the confirmation code that’s it. Registration is done
  • You are all set to go to earn money.

These Questions will help Facebook to make better products for the Facebook community.

Video tutorial

You might have a lot of queries like you would earn a lot of money. The Answer is no. Do not waste much time thinking that you would make a lot of money from it. For the data privacy one shouldn’t install these types of application because Facebook wasn’t ever secured. Not only Facebook nothing is safe on the internet.

Study from Facebook app will be collecting following information: –

  • The apps installed on the user’s phone
  • Time spending on the apps
  • Country
  • Device
  • Network Type
  • Other few data.

You can find more about this program here


Facebook promised not to sell the data to any of the third party. Data collection is new way to earn money .There are many hackers on the dark web who leak and sell the data .The data which would be collected by Facebook is worth of billions. Ever wonder why google is so successful? because they almost know everything about their users.

  • Location
  • photos
  • YouTube
  • search history
  • and other internet activity.

Similarly Facebook is also trying to like google.Google has a lot data of the users which make it much successful and deliver the Good Products to the users.

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