How To Create Free Website On Google Drive

how to create free website google drive

How to create a free website on google drive. You can also map the custom domain.
Go To Google Drive and sign in with your Google account. Upload your website folder on google drive.

Get the sharable link:-
After getting the link,log on

Select google drive and sign with the google account.

You will be redirected to the confirmation with the long URL of your website. Now you can also add the custom domain if you want to, by just adding CNAME records. All you have to add the webpage URL on the CNAME record.
Your custom domain will be mapped to google drive.

Now if you want to get a free domain, Then you need is to log on the

If we calculate the cost of this all is zero. You can also download free templates for your website or use drag and drop builder to develop the website.

As the method is for only non-tech savvy people, As you can only host static websites on this google drive nor dynamic like WordPress,PHP,Django.This method will only to host static websites and don’t expect the professional services like custom email ,FTP,Phpmyadmin etc.

One can opted this technique to host the static website for free. We also have many cheap hosting platform for dynamic hosting websites.

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