How to charge your iphone fast

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Charing any phone takes time. And, when it comes to iPhone, there is no exception. But, what if we tell you that you can decrease the time taken to charge your iPhone considerably? Would you believe it? Well, just keep reading.
These are easy to understand and simple to implement techniques that allow you to charge your iPhone within a very short span of time.
First, switch on the airplane mode. It will significantly reduce the time needed to charge your phone. Even when you are not using the phone, it is constantly looking for the signal and numerous apps run in the background. Since all these operations are power guzzling, you simply need to switch over to airplane mode to get rid of these activities that consume high amount of power and drain your phone’s battery even when it is not in use.
Next, instead of using your iPhone’s normal charger, use the charger of your iPad. An iPad’s charger delivers more power than an iPhone charger, and considerably reduces the time it takes to charge your phone’s battery. Using an iPad is also safe since both are Apple products and hence there is no compatibility issue.
Third thing to do is to use the power saver mode, which will reduce the time taken for charging the phone.
The last technique is optional. Switching off the phone increases the charging time significantly. It will charge the phone at a much faster rate as there would be no background apps or processes which will be running on the phone. While the charge will be transmitted continuously, due to zero activity, it will not drain at all.
However, it means that you will not be able to contact anyone or no one else will be able to contact you.