How to buy redmi note 5 pro on flash sale ?

Redmi note 5 pro

Few days back,we notice there is a issue in buying the mi products( redmi note 5 pro or 5) as they are selling in flash sale nowadays and mi is completely having fun with the flash sales and their products are out of stock within some seconds.Nowadays with moving new method of selling products by tech companies for maximum profit via flash sales ,so majority of the people don’t even get chance to stay in Que to add the product in the cart but to resolve this headache we have the simple trick that is to use chrome extension namely flipshope which is one of the best chrome’s extension that completely buys the your desire product in the cart without your keeping eye on your watch and on the product page.Flipshope is like a bot for because it behave automatically add the product in the cart without any handwork or waste of time.

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Update :-Chrome extension Flipshope(this tool is not more longer avaliable now)

lets get started ,
First of all,we all know,open the chrome and add the extension named by Flipshoppe link provided below.
After installing it and we recommend to create the account in it because its important for the online shoppers and help in quality shopping.well this Flipshopee extensions after creating account ,click on the top left corner of the browser on the cart icon .

After clicking on it you will have to check the your product here we will check redmi note 5 pro for the both platform flipkart and mi store.

That is it ,our work is done Still confused how ?well just log on to the flipkart website with the product page of the redmi note 5 pro you will see blue pop on left side of the chrome browser.Before the sale you will log on the product page of redmi note 5 pro few minutes before and the blue popup will appear to be green indicating it has started working for you and it will automatically add the product for you .After it added to your cart you know how to proceed the purchasing your order ,much love and much can shop Redmi note 5 pro on the below provided links of both platform (Flipkart and Mi Store)

Flipkart Redmi note 5 pro (Black, 64 GB)  (6 GB RAM

Flipkart Black ( 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Flipkart Gold ( 64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Flipkart Lake Blue64 GB)  (4 GB RAM)

Mi Store