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how to become a hacker?

Meet Hackers

first we would like to clear concept here,that using hacking tools wont make you a hacker,you would be called cracker or noob in the cyberworld.
now,learning hacking is not easy job,but if you have a good  interest in hacking then it wont be tough for you.
first thing is,every hacker was a good noob at dont feel shy or uncomfortable for asking help in hacking,well many believe in self learing.its upto you how you get started in learing HACKING
here we got some steps which you can follow to become to a hacker
1.learn all basic of computers(learn about operating systems,how things work, and more)
2.learn networking concepts
3.learn more than one operating systems(linux etc)
4.get started with programming(start with c)
5.learn php for all web hackings(it will help in web developing)
6.learn more than one programming language(java,c++,c# etc)
7.learn scripting language(javascript,phyton,etc) about latest hacking news,know new terms of hacking,know about new malwares
9.atleast work 5-6 hours daily on your computer
10.try to understand how hacking tools work,
11.try to make hacking tools with phyton or with any other language
12,find new vulnerabilty in web apps,or in website & work on it
13.most importantly ,learn to secure yourself for being hacked
14.last important step is to do experiments in hacking or in other words do a lot of practice in hacking.

well ,if you dont have knowlegde about your own security ,then dont try to hack into stuff,it  can be risky
always live with other identity,with you new name,a complete privacy,it will help you in protecting yourself.
just be anonymous for your safety.

meet hackers