Hospital Finally Pays Off $17000 To Black Hat Hackers

Meet Hackers

Wow!!! Just two weeks(nearly) of cyberattack on Hollywood hospital let the hackers to earn $17,000 as per their demand stated before. Hollywood Believed that it was the most quickest and efficient way to get out of the situation as soon as possible, Which is why they paid $17,000 to hackers to get back on their hacked network . As this cyberattack was observed on the February 2016 .

It seems they are black hat hackers who are after their own means “here is of course about Money”. These black hat hackers might have been involved in various anonymous attacks faced previously.These Blacks hats are clever enough which why they attack on main infrastructures of hospitals i.e web services ,medical records,official emails etc.

we all know technology are widely used in this modern world , so do the hospitals. Computer systems and web services are widely used in the hospital for the beneficiary of the patients.

This cyberattack on the hospital of course have damaged the proper schedule working of the hospital, as per the authentic reports emergency patients have been shifted to other neighboring hospital for the proper treatment.

One of the person Hollywood Hospital spoke with a Media and said that it was not the malicious attack but a random attack.

In our opinion , Most Probably it would be the planned attack on the Hollywood hospital and the demand of bitcoin could also be a planned by the hackers, after the attack hackers have demanded bitcoins from hospital even they know they could be land in a jail for creating this situation but they seem well experienced and professional to handle out these kind of situation and it’s a Fact because till yet they was no information about the hackers, nor where attack was originated , not a single one clue yet or clues might be on in the hands of F.B.I who are currently investigating this case.