Home grown hackers are biggest threat to the security of UK based websites

Meet Hackers

A study form ThreatMatrix, a fraud prevention company has revealed the facts about the cyber-attacks in the United Kingdom which are shocking. Contrary to the popular perceptions that the cyber-attacks are carried out by cyber criminals in countries like China and Russia, 72 percent of such attacks come from home grown and local cyber criminals.

These gangs operate within the country and seek targets which are closer to home. Out of all the cyber-attacks against the UK based websites, only 0.074 percent have come from China and 0.27 have their origin in Russia. Of all the foreign origin attacks, maximum cyber-attacks come from Mexico which according to ThreatMatrix is the fastest growing network of cyber criminals.

Next on the list are Nigeria, Germany and the United States of America. Even in most of the other countries, cyber-attacks are perpetrated by local hackers. 93 percent of cyber-attacks in China are carried out by Chinese hackers whereas 94 percent in Italy and 85 percent in Russia are carried out by local cyber criminals. Similarly, 87 percent of attacks in France and 81 percent attacks in Germany are the job of local hackers.

The report shatters the belief that cyber-attacks take place from far-flanged regions of Asia and Eastern Europe or that terrorist organisations are the biggest cyber-criminals in the world. The local cyber-criminals are generally organised gangs who exploit the vulnerability of the security measures implemented by these websites. Also, several ready to use hacking tools make it easier even for individuals or groups with no technical knowledge to perpetrate cyber-attacks.

Such attacks reveal the vulnerability of the computer systems and networks and need to be addressed immediately. Local governments should look for solutions to stop such attacks which take place from within the country rather than blaming foreign hackers.