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Hollywood Actress Hacked with Nude Images and Videos

Two  Days back the hackers announced about the hacking into the various well know Hollywood actress .one of the actress we cached the eye of the was the actress of the famous film terminator 3 playing the tough role of the robot.. The hackers who have been hacked into her life are named by “THE LEAK BOAT”.
We found Private nude photos and videos. After going the data we received we found the private images and videos about the terminator actress named by Kristanna Loken .
Here is the sample of the data of the hacked data uploaded by the hackers and were working at the time of writing article.


After this various other Hollywood actress were also hacked in similar manner and hacked data was uploaded on the free server so that it can be downloaded by everyone person on the internet.
We have following  hacked important data of hollywood actresses  as follows :-

Trieste Kelly Dunn

Images + Videos(252MB):

Laura Ponticorvo

Images + Videos(300+MB):

Sophie Gradon

Images + Videos:

April Love Geary

(Preview was too big of an image lol sorry)
Full picture set:

Paige WWE (Saraya-Jade Bevis)

Full picture set + videos:

Kaityln WWE (Celeste Braun)

Images only:

Alyssa Arce

Audrina Patridgez

Video :

Lily Rabe


Anna Maria Storelli-


Louisa Johnson

Images + Video:
As per the snapshot captured by the hackers it seem they have downloaded the data from the any server as they have created specific folder. hackers also claimed to hack into 900 spotify accounts .Hackers have also leaked the data on the internet the download link is present on the above . You will find sensitive pictures and videos about the actress. Hollywood actress are getting hacked that’s not News