China accused by Hillary Clinton of hacking the US government computers

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China has been accused by the
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton of hacking the United States
Government’s computers and networks. Hillary Clinton, who is the former
Secretary of State used a harsh language against China while stating that the
Chinese are hacking into government and commercial networks and stealing sensitive
China, is fast becoming a global
power and second only to the United States. Clinton has accused China of deploying
every measure to compete with the US in its bid to become the biggest
superpower in the world and this includes increasing its military strength and
launching cyber warfare against the United States Government.
Earlier this year, the United
States officials discovered that the sensitive and confidential federal
information has been breached and the information has been compromised. The
statement from Clinton has a direct reference to this breach of information.
In June this year, the computer
network of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was hacked and records of
over 4 million employees of the federal government were leaked. James Clapper,
the US Chief of Intelligence has claimed that the hack was done by China and
that they are the major suspects in such hacking activities. China has however
denied the allegations.
Hillary Clinton further claimed
that the Chinese Government is fast building its military establishments against
the US allies such as Philippines and the hacking incidents are the attempt of
the Chinese government to build its prowess.
The Chinese government is denying
all such accusations stating that China itself is a victim to such hacking instances
and Hua Chunying, the Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has stated
that both China and the United States are tackling the issue jointly in a
constructive manner. Chunying further stated that the two governments are
fighting the menace of cyber warfare against their respective countries in a cooperative
manner to improve the peace measures in the region and globally.