How to Hide files and photos in Android devices

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Android devices, especially smartphones have become an
essential device for millions of users around the globe. A large portion of
these users use their Android devices to surf the internet, take pictures and
use them for their social media engagements. It also means that these phones
store a large amount of data and a big chunk of it can be personal and private
information. These phones are also used for official purposes and hence there
can be confidential files on these phones. Losing the phone is a major fear that
several of these phone users have. It means that the data becomes

accessible to
unauthorised persons.
To prevent this from happening, there are various methods.
There are specific apps that help users to hide their files, images and videos
from prying eyes.
Vault is a useful application that can hide important and
confidential files, videos and images. It can even hide SMSs and contact
information and keep them safely hidden.
Vaulty creates a hidden gallery for storing media files.
These files, when transferred to Vaulty, remain hidden from the main gallery.
The app protects the files and lock them and these files can be accessed only
after inserting the password or the pin. Also, the application takes pictures
of those who try to access the gallery in an unauthorised manner.
Hide it Pro
The application stores files, images and videos hidden
behind an audio player. The audio player actually plays music but its major
function is to hide the files which cannot be accessed by any other means.
These can be accessed only through the application.
Non-App method


All of the above require you to install an application.
However there is a method that allows you to hide your files from the gallery without
installing any application. Create a folder in a location that you want. Name
it beginning with a dot (.). Move the files to this folder. It remains hidden
and even the media files do not show in the gallery.